Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintage Halloween greeting cards

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Hallowe'en - Young girl dressed up as a witch with a Jack-O-Lantern and black cat
Source: Vintage Greeting Card
Full size: 354 x 504
Type: graphic - png

A Happy Hallowe'en - A glittering Jack-O-Lantern head on a ghost-like body, riding a broom in front of the moon and stars
Source: Vintage Greeting Card
Full size: 323 x 504
Type: graphic - png

A witch flying on her broom with her black cat in front of the man in the moon with owls and jack o lanterns
Softly Cross your fingers
At the Witching Hour:
Over Fates and Fortunes
The Moon will give you power.
Source: Vintage Greeting Card
Full size: 254 x 391
Type: graphic - png

Halloween Greetings - Witches flying around a jack o lantern moon, over a city
Source: Vintage Greeting Card
Full size: 296 x 425
Type: graphic - png

Hallowe'en features Skelton band memebers, a demon dancing with a witch, carved pumpkins, a bats, black cat, spider web, owls, crows and tombstones with the man-in-the-moon
Source: Vintage Greeting Card
Full size: 300 x 380
Type: graphic - png

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